Alice Hamid


Alice Hamid is an actress and model who has a passion for film and television, as well as theatre. This Canadian is from Ottawa and has recently graduated from Pace University in NYC with a BFA in Acting for Film/TV/Voice Over/Commercial.

When she's not showing off pictures of her cat, Alice can be found binge watching TV shows and obsessing over the newest movie. She will never say no to a shopping spree and loves fashion and the latest styles and trends.

What’s New?


New York fashion week round 2

I was honoured to have been asked to be in NYFW 2019 again! I modelled for the talented Christopher John Rogers for his second show. You can see more picture at WWD!


Bad Movie podcast

If you ever want to hear me speak very passionately about something I love, then check out episodes 7 & 24 of the “Bad Movies Podcast” where I get to defend why I love Twilight so very much.


Law & Order: SVU

I have booked my first gig! I will be co-starring in season 20 episode 5 of Law & Order: SVU called “Accredo”. It was such an incredible experience and I’m so excited for what’s still to come!


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